Movie Night

Image of Movie Night


Your gift will get rave reviews when the Movie Night Gift Basket arrives filled with everything needed to enjoy a fun movie night. We've included two big bags, one of kettle corn and one movie butter popcorn, peanuts, boxes of movie candy. Your choice of four candies. Perfect for all occasions!

• Reusable Pop Corn Bucket
• Movie Butter Popcorn
• Peanuts
• Tootsie Rolls
• Sour Patches
• Gummie Bears
• Mike n Ike Candy
• Snickers
• Goobers
• Raisinets
• M & M's (plain or peanut)
• Skittles
• Twizzlers
• Milk Duds
• Charleston Chews
• Kit Kat
• Starburts
• Reese's Pieces