What is Arometherapy?

It is the art of using plant oils from flowers, herbs and trees to stimulate and enhance ones emotional, physical and spiritual well being.  As we enter the millennial era of fragrance, aromatherapy will be used increasingly to encourage and promote a personal sense of well being.  This age old practice is being designed and formulated to help cope with stress, enhance a living environment and create a mood.  Lifestyles today and for our future will involve and focus on finding a more quiet center of your life.  Spiritual healing, health for the mind, body and soul has become an emerging trend.  Today‚Äôs casual indulgence has become the new buzzword evolving into our generation. With the time constraints and the ever expanding work week, stress has become a daily obstacle.

Women today use the bath as a personal sanctuary to indulge oneself.  It has become a private domain for reflection and renewal where upon entering you feel a sense of peace or a refreshing boost of exhilaration. 

No longer do we save a scent just for spritzing on our pulse points, now we want to surround and indulge ourselves with inviting aromas 24 hours a day.  Body washes and lotions will enrich the skin from head to toe, in a lavish mix of essential oils encouraging a new sense of well being.  Come and help that special person in your life to explore a fragrant sensory experience of aromatherapy as in intoxicating skin sensation.